Looking For Jeff Allen

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Leighs Video

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The Podcast

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The Podcast



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UPDATE: Aug 22nd 2012

Jeff worked on the Splash Cats in Shanklin by the Pier...

Do you remember talking to him there if you were local or on holiday...

He spent time in the Aquarious Cafe on Shanklin Front...

He used to go to Zanies and the POnda Rosa also used the Kebab House and was in the habit of "Dossing Out" either under the Pier, at the Blackpan Barn (Which had the fire) in friends cars etc. There was a Bar opposite the Pier where he & friends hung out not sure of name ...

Jeff was last seen in Ryde in September of 82 where he reportedly said he was going off to London...


UPDATE: Sept. 2012

Someone listening to the show with Ian Mac on Vectis Radio e mailed in that he remembered Jeff back then... If you have any information you can contact Ian at the Radio Station by e mail to [email protected] For the Attention of Ian Mac as the Subject or ring the studio on 01983 240 666
The Podcast from the Sept. show will be available here soon.

There must be more people out there who remember Jeff from that time so please get in touch...

His Then Girlfriend Leigh Jackson has never forgotten Jeff and is now part of the Looking for Jeff Team.